advocating for  more AED devices in more communities with a brotherhood of more people that know how to locate & use them to save lives!

Make a Donation for

AED Coaching & Devices, Innovation, Awareness Campaigns

Jersey Challenge

Locate an AED near you and take a photo beside it with your favorite team jersey. 

We challenge you to know where an AED is located 

and we want to see what team or player inspires you in 

your life...get game ready


CHALLENGE THAT TEAM OR PLAYER to show you that they know where an AED is located and ask them to post a photo showing their favorite team or player. Show your team spirit , have fun,compete to see who can post the most photos.

We will work diligently to open the door for you to promotions / discounts / events and team inclusion .


Your  photos help to locate and advocate for life saving safety equipment in your community. 

The awareness and puts more people on the same team ready to read and react at game speed in the event of an emergency. 

It will help us to raise funds to provide more AED devices to protect you in more places.

Challenge someone else. 

Make this go viral. We need all 350 million people in North America to be game ready. 

You know where a seat belt is and to put it on for safety in a car....this is your hearts seat belt by knowing where an AED is and how simple it is to operate. The probability of a heart event is one in three deaths. A motor vehicle accident is less than  2%. All prevention is important. A gameplan for the event is even more important.

We know that the more people that are aware of the location of an AED the more that will survive an attack from the #1 ranked killer in the world. 


Come On Sports World , let's take care of each other like team mates and share the game plan that saves lives , 


Send us your photos , Get in the Game

Win Prizes , Save Lives


Thunder hearts are ready

Real Life Hero , Craig Bryant makes the save with the assist going to Tim Pasterchalk

Hearts of a Champion, AED ready


Pro Bowler Donnell Woolford and "The Admiral" are up for the jersey challenge.

Tahoe tennis loves hearts

CoreFit cares at their gym


Giant Hearts in Vancouver for all their fans and families. Giant Challenge issued to the rest of the league.

No Staal in this hockey heroes heartbeat

Special thanks to Pineville IceHouse for being game ready

Hockey , Triathlon , Basketball ​, One Team All Hearts

CPR and an AED saved us...and the people that advocated for them to be nearby and the others that knew how to locate and operate them

3 Survivors 3 Sports

​L to R- Jib Street , Alex Hollanshead , Omar Carter

Duplicate the Miracle- it was an 911 , CPR and an AED

Miracle devices Save Lives but we need to Get them on standby Everywhere

2019 Jersey Challenge 

The Game of Hearts Foundation has been launched to make an impact by increasing awareness of AED devices
















“The Game of Hearts Foundation has been launched to make an impact by increasing awareness of AED devices , increasing their availability and access and sharing a first hand gameplan of survival for an attack on your heart in your home or community.

We want to Save more Lives

We are focused on decreasing the number of people that are dying from attacks on their heart because the life saving resources were not readily available in the location where they collapsed from an unexpected attack on their heart. 

Why is it that as few as only 2% of the people that are attacked without aid survive when as many as 80% can survive if they receive timely bystander aid with an AED and CPR? 

By uniting & collaborating together we have the power to save lives.

This is the #1 killer and we need to prepare immediately because it attacks and kills every 40 seconds of every day.  Yes, almost 1 in every 3 deaths last year,the year before,the year before.It's relentless and lethal...

Why is it that almost everyone knows to put a seatbelt on but hardly anyone is aware that if you put an AED onto an attacked victim in time that it can jumpstart your heart or coach you through CPR and bring you back to life! 

Where do you find an AED in time ? 

It is one of the only actual immediate life saving devices that man has developed and it's available yet we don't know enough about it?  

Why aren't AEDs available everywhere like seatbelts or fire extinguishers if they can combat and defeat the #1 killer?

To illustrate, you know a seatbelt is available and its purpose in a car and you can't put a seatbelt on after you've crashed through the windshield.    However, with an AED you do have about a 2-3 minute window of hope if you are fatally attacked in your heart by being aided with an AED device. It can advise CPR or a shock to revive you if your heart stops pumping. So , it only makes sense to know where one is and how to use it in case of a far more lethal emergency.

Put this in perspective. The US population is approximately 330,million people and approximately 2.8 million people died last year. 

Last year, there were approximately 40,000 motor vehicle deaths and there were 275 million cars in America. That's 1.5%.

So ,85% of the population based on car count or more knows how to protect themselves from something that is killing 1.5% of us.

In comparison there were nearly 800,000 heart related deaths last year but only about 10% of us know how to protect ourselves from something that is killing almost 70% of us each year!!!....and there is something more miraculous than a seatbelt called an AED so we need to make everyone aware of them immediately.

Unfortunately ,there is nowhere near the number of life saving AED devices available to our nations people in the event of a cardiac attack. Even fewer people that know what one is let alone where the nearest one is located or how simple it is to operate and how miraculously it can bring someone back to life!

Our goal is to change these statistics. Impact a change and vastly increase awareness through social media initiatives and live interactive events. If awareness and preparedness goes up then simultaneously the rescue and survival rates will increase and the number of deaths will go down.

We are competing against time and the #1 killer in the world.

We Challenge You to Join us

"AEDs alone don't save lives,people that locate and use them do"

Join us in playing an international awareness game.....

The Game of Hearts

The DeJibrillator, Survivor and Advocate of hearts


Life is Good... Are you in The Game?

We want you to play as if the life of someone you love depends on it.

On the field we are rivals but on the ground we are humans and we are all on the same team.

We are sharing the gameplan to success because our mission is to defeat the #1 killer with the gameplan that saved us.

Sports are played everywhere and it is a healthy outlet to enjoy  from the sideline or between the lines. Similarly, Life is a game played everywhere  with a beginning and an ending ...we just don't know when.

 There's day to day highs and lows on your team of family , friends and associates just like in sports. We just want to coach you that something is coming and awareness is free and it just may save your life or someone you know.

Life is a Game with an unknown ending & if you don't prepare and take care and cherish every moment it can unexpectedly end sooner than you wish.

The Game of Hearts has a game plan.

We are going to unite Sports and Athletes and all fans to play an an awareness game called the Game of Hearts. Whether you are on the field, in the bleachers or somewhere in the community, when another human collapses the game shifts, the stakes become real and we need to be all in and on the same team with the same game plan in order to live for another day. The pre season is now and we are on a mission to recruit ,coach and then compete against the #1 killer in the Americas, Heart Disease. It's killing someone every 40 seconds right now. It's in game mode already and won't wait to attack you just because  you are not aware. 

We want to coach you to  survive an unexpected attack on your heart by empowering the people and communities that you live in with a JumpStart a Heart game plan. 

We want a team/fellowship of bystanders everywhere with the capabilities to disrupt an attack on a heart until responders arrive or life is revived back into the fallen victim.  We want to disrupt traditional thinking that is afraid to to do CPR or use an AED to shock a heart back to normal. Coach in simple speak the techniques, equipment  and survival skills. Get you ready for the real lifegame that is coming at some place and unexpected time in your life. 

We want to enhance your chances of living through what is statistically a tragic 2% survival & 98% fatality rate from attacks on the heart that are not immediately aided by an attentive JumpStart equipped bystander.

Life can end suddenly without notice and we may not be able to control that but there is hope through technology and technique solutions that can be coached to prolong Life through a simple 

gameplan of :



In the life game ,the #1 ranked killer in the world is an attack on your heart attributing to almost 1 in every 3 deaths each year. 

A coached "survivor"proven GamePlan needs to become rehearsed, instinctive ,reactive & game ready;​


The Game of Hearts initiatives will involve & empower you on how to defend others surrounding you if their heart is attacked so that you can in turn teach them to defend you if you are in need

Read and React

The Game of Hearts is an experience & passion based undertaking, a social media awareness campaign of  viraly building an international team of People enabled with a proven game plan that aids people in need during a life or death game... it's real;

The GamePlan is simply;

911 /CPR /AED 

EVERYONE needs to know it asap!

"A plan is only as good as it's execution".​ Vince Lombardi

Learn to Survive...

an attack on your heart because it is not going to schedule itself when you are ready or if you think you are not a attacks everyone without bias. 1 in 3 means it indirectly or directly impacts everyone !

 If you are not prepared it will continue to kill as many as 98% of us 

that it sneaks up on!

Awareness to our full contact hands on

"Jump Start a Heart GamePlan"


 Save a Heart and it can Save a 

Life just like it Saved Mine!  

If you see someone go down it's game on. 

Read the situation , react with the GamePlan .....

Take a shot and jump in and save a life...

"You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take"​Wayne Gretzky

JumpStart a Heart 


1.Call 911

2. Immediate CPR

           3. Locate & operate AED

Take a shot at saving a fallen person and the blessed brotherhood of survivors rate will increase from only 2% to as much as 80% from your efforts of giving CPR (chest compression only)& using an AED.(It tells you what to do)

All Game of Hearts Foundation initiatives will be Encouraging Brotherhood & Humanity & coaching to JumpStart a Life because Life is Good , so lt's live it to the fullest!

A JumpStart game plan is also knowing time is crucial and a calm team mate is mandatory for survival. 

You have the GamePlan...

"Just Do It" ...(#Nike)

because Life is Good 

and in our desire to live 

We are ALL on the Same Team 

when we need emergency aid.

 Our Goal is to show you & coach you to


Life Saving 

      JumpStart Miracles. (see videos below)

They all seem to have executed the same defensive game plan. 

- 911/CPR/AED -

The offensive game plan is :


1. Healthy living habits by exercising & eating right. 

2. Get screened to identify if you have any irregularities of your heart.

3. Learn about medicines and medical devices that can pre-emptively  assist in protecting you from an attack.

4.  Learn the defensive game plan. 911/CPR/AED. ​(They say the best offense is a great defense)...or as Mike Tyson once said, 

"everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth".

Let's knock this killer on its ass and drastically improve the survival rate!


Game of Hearts

The Wide World of Sports is a platform with a global audience.

Sports is a part of our culture. 

Sports develop us and our character. Sports teaches us to play between the lines and compete whistle to whistle using practiced skills plus a strategy to try to win the game. Sports is people . Sports is teams,brotherhood , camaraderie, competition and a   common goal.

That's why we want people and a team with the common goal of learning the gameplan to compete against an opponent that is playing with your heart and trying to take your life. 

You need a teammate and you need an AED to survive. When you are attacked it doesn't matter if you are an athlete , a fan or a family or friend of any of the aforementioned.

 Your life is in jeopardy and it is game time.

 Sports is fun. Every hero I have spoken to has inspired us with the invigoration they feel. Every survivor has inspired us with the gratitude towards their heroes and perspective of the priceless prize they have won with still having their life.

So far every survivor has had a team of heroes,CPR and most required an AED. It's no secret it's timely human reaction ,miracle machines ,medical technique and indescribable miracles of having the right people there for you at that moment in time.

Lets make saving each other fun. There is nothing more fulfilling than saving another life. Better than any trophy sharing the prize of life with someone !

The Game of Hearts team has a Goal.

To be ready and equipped to compete in the Game of Life against fatal attacks on our hearts.

I CHALLENGE every team and Athlete to join us to learn & promote this simple game plan by playing the Game of Hearts 

and then share it in person and virally thru social media with family , friends and all followers in a fan base that you can influence. 

Even the fittest and best athletes have been attacked by this killer and lost. It attacks anyone anywhere at anytime without notice. Those of us in the 2% that "miraculously" survived only did so because the location of attack had an AED nearby and there was a person in the facility that jumped in and executed the simple game plan that saves lives.​ see videos below

​​People play sports to compete and win. They are taught skills , use equipment and have a game plan. Watch the videos and see the plan in action.

Watch the video and then play the Game of Hearts

The world of sports & it's athletes are hereby CHALLENGED and now they are going to show you they know that we are all on the same team when the  Game of Life takes priority. Accept their Challenge. Play the Game of Hearts. Show you know where to find anAED. SHow your favorite team. Show you are prepared for the Life Team that includes everyone from everywhere just like an AED device. We all have a heart and we all need it to beat to stay alive and that's what unites us as humans on the team.

Everyone needs to be  prepared with the JumpStart a Heart  Life Saving GamePlan. 

The Game of Hearts 


show us and your favorite teams and athletes that you have learned the game plan to become a team 

mate / hero if one of them or one you goes down in your community.

When the whistle blows we are All on the Same Team with the same need to know the JumpStart a Heart game plan.

We are challenging 


to locate an AED in the community and take a photo of it with your favorite jersey.


Show us ,

 show your team , your family , your friends , show everyone that you are ready or ask us for coaching resources.

This game is real , it's life

We are advocating for a massive

 CPR prepared and AED equipped LifeTeam everywhere that a heart beats or is attacked so that real people can assist real people in real need. 


We are 

  a collaborated Brotherhood on The LifeTeam . 

Made up from people like you and I and your sports and entertainment idles, heroes , family or friends. 

We have to be everywhere that people are and we have to advocate for the AED machines to be equipped everywhere as well. 

Our teams survival record will improve from the fatal 1 in 10 survivors per attack with more people and AEDs on standby everywhere.

Simply making everyone aware of calling 911 , administering CPR while locating an AED device to JumpStart a fallen victims will be contributing to the life saving team that perhaps one day will also save your life or a loved one or maybe even mine again!

Life is all to live on

Your Shared Awareness & Donations Can Impact Saving Heartbeats & Lives

Make A  Donation


Game of Hearts

Jersey Challenge

Locate an AED in your community and send us a photo with the device in the background to show us and your team and your favorite player you are ready to compete in the real Game of Life if called upon.  We will share your photos with your favorite team and players and the media and we will make you eligible to also win prizes from your teams. 

You will also be eligible to give a life the ultimate prize if called upon !

Enter often. Challenge everyone you know. Find another AED and use the same or different jersey.  The more you enter the more you can win and the more you will actively be doing to show people in your community where these Life Saving AED devices are located and on standby to aid a fallen teammate.


My hero and Guardian Angel Craig Bryant (L) is shown here beside the AED that he used to assist him in saving my life after I was dead for 6 plus minutes. I never knew him but luckily for me he knew the GamePlan of 911,CPR,AED and that is why I am further blessed to be alive to initiate this jersey challenge. 

Just as importantly , because of the actions of the humble Tim Pasterchalk who convinced the Pineville Ice House of the need for an AED at the rink there was one there the day I went into Sudden Death Cardiac Arrest. I have also learned that my sports hero  Wayne Gretzky has also quietly contributed to the Game Plan by putting AED devices in hockey arenas that have already been used and saved numerous lives. 

The Game and the GamePlan works, so there is no reason why we don't accelerate the efforts to get as many people as possible participating and to equip as many locations in our community as possible.  

Attacks on our hearts are not going to stop or schedule themselves as to when they plan on trying to kill you!


Awareness is Advocacy. Talking about it and then doing something about it is the game plan of equipping as many locations in our communities as possible so that everyone has a shot at living if they are attacked in their heart.

Simply Send us a photo of you and your favorite jersey or team beside an AED. ( that means you know where one is and your jersey shows you understand that it takes a team to win a game)

You will then be on the LifeTeam and will have contributed to one day saving a life by confirming the location of an AED.

We will nominate Lifeteam mates for prizes from your favorite team or player and we would be honored to share online resources or invitations to sports teams that are partnering in JumpStart a Heart coaching events in a community near you.

Jump Start a Heart

It's easier & safer than you think...


Heart in need of a JumpStart

Old School JumpStart 

not recommended

911 / CPR / AED JumpStart

JumpStart A Heart. People need to be coached and prepared to "do the right thing-right".​               911/CPR/AED

Amazing and miraculous Saves can be duplicated like this one by Craig Bryant. Learn the JumpStart 1,2,3 of 911/CPR/AED  and you will be prepared to do the right thing-right. It takes a human team because when you are down you need a teammate that knows the simple gameplan to defeat the fatal attacks that surprise us anywhere ,at any age and at anytime.

Do you know where the nearest AED device is? 

Do you know where to stick the two pads? 

Do you know the simple button to push if the AED advises you to?

Did you know 911 can walk you through the rescue?

Did you know that the AED device gives you rescue instructions by voice and with pictures?

Did you know the AED device will not shock the victim unless it is necessary and so you only need to do chest compression CPR as advised or push a green button to JumpStart a Heart and save a life.

With the latest Technology-It's not old school car battery shock and CPR anymore, it's safe and simple and anyone can and should stop and try to save anybody. It only takes a prepared and caring bystander to give you a fighting chance to defeat the attack on your heart. Life is Good , let's give each other a chance to live it as long as possible"  

​Take it from survivors and bystander resce heroes. There is a common gameplan.

 .  A call to 911, 

.  immediate CPR (chest compressions hard and fast 110 beats     per minute to keep the bodies blood flowing) 

 .  AED applied.(two pads that easily stick to the chest areas) and one simple green button to push if the device tells you to.

EVERYONE has the ability to do this and save a life.  One day you may need yours saved as well so the more of us that are in the know the more that will survive.

 LET's DUPLICATE this simple game plan and share it with everyone so that everyone is ready to save everyone!

Meadowlands ,NY

Big Hearts in the Big Apple. We Challenge the NY Giants aand the NY Jets to show us their AED arsenal at the stadium.

Hockey Hall of Fame

We Challenge the Hockey Hall of Fame to demonstrate that the enshrined have their hearts protected while in the Hall of Fame.

TrumpStart a Heart ? Just need an AED

I challenge the Trump Nation to Show us that they lead with their Heart by knowing where an AED is to protect their friends ,families and Americans from our nations #1 killer.

Seattle Seahawks 12th Man is an AED

What do you get when you combine Eggman,Milkman and Russell Wilson


MIRACLE-    'mirek(e)l

NOUN - a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency

. -a highly improbable or extraordinary event(attack on your heart),development (AED device)or accomplishment (JumpStart a Heart GamePlan)that brings very welcome consequences(Life is Good).

. an amazing product(AED) or achievement(reviving someone with no pulse or heartbeat back to life!), or an outstanding example of something(Fellowship of people assisting people in a life or death situation).  

That's our Miracle Team using our GamePlan and the LifeSaving AED device

Together Everyone Achievs More 

(Life here on earth before we go to the heavens)


Please watch the videos below to see Real Heroes using the JumpStart a Heart GamePlan & "Miraculously"saving real lives

Miracles On Ice ...



-- ib Street

More Miraculous JumpStart Stories - Heart & Lives saved 



It unites Us and shows that in real life 


GAME OF HEARTS Team was United by  survivors,doctors,athletes,media and competitive caring individuals that want to disrupt and defeat the #1 Silent Killer in the World. 


Inspired to empower , enable , enhance life saving plans & to pay forward to those heroes on our human team that are already trained & walking amongst us . Also to pay respect & avenge the victims that have fallen to the hearts killer because no one was standing by coached & equipped to respond 

with the simple :

JumpStart a Heart

911 / CPR / AED 

game plan.  

You Can't Fight an Attack Alone...

To save an attacked heart from its silent killer you need a teammate and game plan because you are competing against time and chances are you are unconscious or even dead.

Each Life the Team Saves is a victory 


We realized that we can Duplicate Life Saving Miracles by developing a well coached team of millions of Humane People , advocating for more Accessible AED devices and welcomed miracles granted by the Grace of God.

We can definitely improve on the 2% survival rate of fallen victims that do not receive timely CPR or AED aid !


Locate an AED near you. Put on your favorite teams jersey and then send in your picture to us so we can learn where devices are located, whose prepared to use one and we want to know your favorite team so that we can get that team to embrace your awareness with promotions and prizes 

By Uniting an aware & prepared  humane team we can strive to enjoy longevity in our lives. because we will be surrounding ourselves with prepared people that are prepared to help other people.

It's a Real Game and you will eventually be playing in it and it will not be conveniently scheduled and the outcome could be fatal....

Real Lives , Real Repercussions ,Real Life or Death RESULTS.

We are ALL on the same Team in the Game of Life. 

 Prepare for the statistically Inevitable.

( 2% survival chances can immediately improve with timely CPR/AED to aid the fallen victim by up to as much as 80% )

DO THE MATH.....Life is Good.....Let's Improve & Live

You can focus on Prevention by yourself yet to survive a cardiovascular attack you need  coached team mates because you will be rendered helpless. The more people prepared for the inevitable unexpected attacks the more people that will survive

It takes a team to win this life or death game. 

As a Team we can prepare to reactively Step Up when another Human team member Goes Down . 

We all simply need to know ... 

CALL 911 / CPR compressions / AED instructions

JumpStart a Heart -Life Saving Solutions 


911 ,CPR,AED.

Read It , Learn It ,Live It , Share It

Be aware and share this ASAP


...Life Is Good


of the availability/location of AED (defibrillator) devices in our communities ?

What would you do right now if someone beside you went down? 

If you went down right now is there anyone beside you that knows CPR and where an AED device is? 

( there's a grim 98% chance you will die if you are alone under attack)

It's called a Sudden Death Cardiac Attack for a reason

Did you know that after only two minutes of an attack on our heart that the chances of survival are reduced by 10% for every minute without some sort of JumpStart a Heart game plan! 

The national average for the arrival of a first responder is 10 minutes. Do the Math ! 


These devices are so simple to use. Two stickers and one button saves lives from the #1 silent killer of North Americans every year....yet not enough of know where to find one and how simple they are to operate.

GAME of HEARTS Foundation is committed to All Hearts continuing to beat by creating awareness to the 350,000,000 North Americans who need to know where the nearest AED is located in their community and how simple they are to use. 

Three simple steps to JUMP START a HEART are:

1. Call 911 2. CPR 3. AED  

(The AED defibrillator even tells you what to do.)


GAME ON 24/7/365

We Are ALL On the Same Team

It takes a team so we are dedicated to create one through the TEAM platform of Sports

Please join our Humane Team and learn how to save someone else because that someone may in turn save You or someone dear to you. 

When you go down chances are slim for survival....

Join the Team. Simply Learn How to be Prepared

Donate to the Team.  

JumpStart a Heart Foundation providing much needed Coaching and Equipment to convert Victims into Survivors

This is a team effort and we are all on the same team


THE GAME of HEARTS Jersey Challenge.  

We Challenge everyone 

to put on their favorite team jersey 

and then locate the nearest AED in your community

 and then take/send us your photo 

and location to:


or email : [email protected] 

Win tickets or Jerseys or merchandise from your favorite teams. 

Be Featured on or in the MEDIA showing your TEAM spirit beside a life saving AED.

It's a Challenge and you are officially challenged to show you are aware and that you care about your heart, your team and the LifeTeam. 

Lets see which Sport and which Teams can generate the most JumpStart awareness Photos posted , real lives saved and then lobby to recognize these Life Saving Heroes ,Players or Teams with an annual award at the ESPYS 

Life is Good ... SAVE IT for Someone.

Sports is but a brief moment in the REAL GAME OF LIFE. 

In the Real Game when a teammate Goes Down be PREPARED to lift them Up because it takes a Team and you never know who out there in the real world you may unexpectedly need to JumpStart your Heart to Save your Life.

Death is Final

Life is Good....make a difference, join the Team

Together Everyone Achieves More...Life Longevity

Game of Hearts -Jersey Challenge

effecting change to improve saving lives...because  Life is Good


Batter Up -Game of Hearts Jersey Challenge is On

Take Me Out To the Defib Coaching Game

We Challenge YOU Baseball Players. 

Show us a picture of you beside a defibrillator in your jersey and your fans will show YOU they also located AED Savestations outside the ball park and are prepared to protect  you or your family in your teams communities . 

Baseball knows Life is more than just a game....its Good and it's One Big  Family . Baseball is going to become ready for the Game of Life both in and out of the ballpark where we are All on the Same Team and its going to Challenge other sports to THE GAME of HEARTS jersey challenge

Click here for a link to send us your photos


Game of Hearts Hockey Jersey Challenge

Show us you're in the Game. Take a Celly Photo beside an AED and WIN big

Hockey has your HeartBeat. The Game and Players Challenge you as Hockey Fans to show you have your favorite teams Heart Beat in your Community. Take/send us your picture in your favorite jersey  beside an AED in your community. Show us who your favorite players or teams are they may just respond with gratitude knowing that you are JumpStart ready and have their back once they leave the arena .You cant schedule a cardiac emergency but you can coach a game plan to defend from an attack on your heart. Challenge another sport and unite to SHow that Hockey has a United HeartBeat and a United fan base that i prepared to JumpStart a Heart!

Hockey Saved My Life!

JumpStart coaching events and jersey signing 

events will be coming to your teams community soon to recruit and prepare life saving game changers.

 click here for the link to send your photo


Its Kick Off Time for the Game of Hearts Jersey Challenge

Football  Tackles Heart Stopping Attacks on the Field and in as an even bigger united Team in our Communities.

Passionate United Football Fans and want your Hearts to Keep on Pounding.

Challenge your favorite team and players from the past and present to share a photo in "their"favorite jersey beside an AED SaveStation. 

They may just Challenge YOU to show them where an AED is in the community and ask you for a photo in your favorite jersey.

Unite together using the JumpStart heart saving Defensive Game Plan. You may have a different favorite jersey but outside the lines We Are All United Football Fans or Players and 

We Are All On The Same Team.

JumpStart and Jersey signing events will be set up in favorite teams city to acknowledge  and coach JumpStart awareness.  Certain fans may be chosen to win game tickets, get access to authentic autographed jerseys, participation discounts on merchandise etc

Submit your jersey AED photos by clicking link.

w/ The Justin Trio

Upcoming Games Empowering fans with JumpStart a Heart Awareness

Carolina Hurricanes 

Stormin Hearts Surge

Bunch of Big Hearted Jerks

Prepare for the Storm. A Surge of brotherhood between the team and its fans is about to join at the heart of the team. Attend the upcoming game dedicated to Heart Storm preparation. 

All fans that attend pre game JumpStart a Heart coaching session will receive random prizes like future tickets,

jersey signing session invites , Hurricanes merchandise discounts', Big Screen arena cam acknowledgment for best fanfare enthusiasm photos taken beside AED devices located in the Canes communities. 

We are all on the same team of Jerks with big caring hearts that beat as one in and out of the PNC Arena. Click here to submit your Game of hearts photos to be eligible for Storm sized prizes


Charlotte Hornets Heart Start of the Season

JumpStart to the season vs 76ers


Carolina Panthers Hearts Keep Pounding

Brief Description


Clemson Tigers

All In for All Hearts

Paws on CPR / AED JumpStart a Heart Coaching for Champions of Life

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.


Vancouver Canucks Hockey Hearts JumpStart the Season

Join Us to learn how to Jump Start a Heart and we will have game tickets,jerseys,hats and other merchandise that can be won by participating in our pre game JumpStart coaching.  Discounts for player autographed items with proceeds to supply Canuck Nation communities with more AED devices


Edmonton Oilers Hearts of Champions keep beating

JumpStart the season as ne united team focused on healthy winning heartbeats in and out of Rogers Place

Join us pre game as we coach our family of fans the basics of JumpStarting a Heart so we can enjoy Championships together from the past to well into the future.  

Past champions will be in attendance and all participants will be eligible for select prizes like jersey signings , game tickets , Oilers merchandise and the super hero fans that locate community AED savestations and demonstrate JumpStart readiness will be featured on Oilers Tv and or the jumbo screen during the game.

Click here to submit Game of Heart photos beside an AED device in Oiler Nation.


Disclaimer- Any reference to a gameplan is from a non licensed medical professional-source. The Plan is from a personal experience of survival from a heart attack and a cardiac arrest. Other survivors interviewed all had the similarity of a 911 call , immediate CPR and the location and application of an AED which resulted in victims becoming survivors. Game of Hearts is a non profit effort to simply encourage learning immediate steps to take to prolong a victims life while awaiting the arrival of responding medical professionals. 'Federal Good Samaritan Laws protect heroes that assist victims in need of immediate aid.

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