advocating for  more AED devices in more communities with a brotherhood of more people that know how to locate & use them to save lives!

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I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death. It's just a shadow. There's nothing to be scared of! 

By sharing the medical technology that is currently available and providing a well coached game plan as to what to do in the event of an unexpected attack on our heart we at Game of Hearts Foundation are  committed to defeating the current non AED assist survival rate of 2% and increasing it to as close as possible to the current AED assist survival rate of 80%.  It's achievable and we believe we can achieve. It saved me and I want it to save you.

We have assembled a team of experts from doctors to survivors to AED experts to professional athletes to broadcasters to merchandisers to mergers and acquisition specialists.  We are in the game and on offense.

A plan is only as good as its execution and we believe we have an aggressive tactical plan....We are going to connect everyone through their passion for sports. We have always looked to our sports heroes to lift us up. Now we are going to join their team outside the sports arena and comfort them and their families that we are all going to be prepared to lift each other up in the event that someone goes down from an  attack to their heart . We are going to coach  everyone in the simple steps of calling 911, administering CPR and then getting an AED applied to the fallen teammate.  The AED is a mobile coach. It can tell you what to do and so you need to get it to the collapsed person ASAP as every second is critical for survival.

We believe in our plan because we have seen it , done it , been to other side and came back.

Join us in our first initiative and play the game of hearts. Send us a picture of you wearing your favorite jersey beside an AED and then challenge someone else including your favorite sports hero so that we can duplicate miracles and save lives ..Life is Good. Let's live it as long as possible 


"If an AED is out there we can save lives"

Early defibrillation

Immediate CPR​

Create an International Team . Saving thousands and thousands of Lives through the increased awareness of getting AED devices to people in critical need of one because of an unexpected attack on their heart. By sharing positive stories of survival we will encourage conversations and actions to equip all public facilities and to coach everyone on the simple usage of an AED device. Make calling 911 , administering CPR & applying an AED an immediate reactive response to a fallen human. Make the current 1 in 3 deaths a statistic of the past. We Are All on the Same Team.Life is Good


Everyone on the same page Everyone on the Same Team. Everyone equipped with a fighting chance to survive an attack on their heart. Through the platform of Sports and Social media reaching out and convincing everyone to be prepared for an imminent and unexpected attack on the heart during their life . Through Coaching everyone and equipping our communities with AED devices we should be able to drastically reduce the number of deaths from attacks on our hearts . Making all hearts in our world enjoy a beat in a safer place. Creating a prepared and aware human team on heart watch standby over each other without borders , race, religion or politics. Creating respect for each others heartbeats and passion for life longevity. Being a brotherhood of people prepared to help people in need with the goal of defeating an attack on the heart and becoming a survivor